Chainsaw Micro Mill

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Chainsaw Micro Mill – Product Specs

* Fits any size chainsaw
* Only weighs 5 lbs.
* Limited lifetime warranty on all parts
* 30 day money back guarantee
* Precision machined
* Convenient handle for cutting or carrying
* Allen key provided
* Patented clamping system allows you to clamp securely anywhere on the cutting bar with no drilling.
* Cast aluminium bearing housing
* Cast aluminium micro-clamp
* Rotates 360° on sealed precision bearings
* Helicoils for thread durability
* Fits a dressed 2″ x 6″

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Within minutes of receiving the Chainsaw Micro-Mill you will be completing complex projects in record time and with greater accuracy. With an almost non-existent learning curve, the Micro-Mill allows you to cut precision window and door openings and customise timbers and lumber with a skill and ease no other device can match.

Accutech is so confident in this extraordinary product that we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. See for yourself why professionals and hobbyists alike swear by the Chainsaw Micro Mill portable chainsaw mill!

Brian Stevenson
17 November, 2019

I am a member of International log builders association. In John Boys Book of Jigs (pub 2005) which I have used many times over the years as a resource shows on page 3-11 an Accutech’s Innovations MIcro Mill modified by machining to run on an aluminum rail.. Dare Zimmerman is mentioned there as the developer. of the mill but the information on the page does make clear if the modification was done at Accutec or by another log builder. Could you answer that question and if it was modified there is it possible to get details of the modification.

09 February, 2020

Hi Brian,

sorry, we no longer offer this modification (the High Precision Kit) due to waning demand for it. The Micro Mill provides adequate precision on it’s own and feedback from many customers is that it is overkill. A good alternative that will improve accuracy is to have a laminated wood product like Para lam planed down to fit your Micro Mill’s channel to a no-play/sliding fit. You can reuse the laminated guide and overtime it will not shrink or warp. Thank you for your question!

Peter Hynes
08 February, 2020

Do you ship to Newfoundland

Yes we do… and all over the world

09 February, 2020

yes we do Peter. And we ship all over the world as well…


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